The Meeting Place Country Store Antiques

Remember and cherish special memories on your visit to   “The Meeting Place Main Street Country Store”, located on Morristown’s Historic Main Street Skymart. The Country Store was a way of life in East Tennessee,  where community gathered, shopping for all kinds of   goods not manufactured at home such as teas, sugar, coffee, clothing, thread, pots and pans, as well as crops the farmer’s grew in the community they lived. “Through These Doors, Pass the Best People on Earth”.


Photo Credit: Ron Plasencia

Photo Credit: Peter Michael

The country store could be described as a place of organized clutter, looking as if it had never seen a carpenter’s level.  Floor to ceiling goods filled the pine store counters.  Every inch of space was used, and every nail head had something hanging from it.  In the winter season the pot belly stove provided heat for those who gathered in the country store and in the summer,doors were open wide. Whittling, chewing, and checkers gave old timers a sense of passing the time away and who can forget, as a kid, their memories of  jars of candy and the old soda bar.

Here on the Skymart, at the crossroads of the “Main Street Country Store” is an invitation especially for you, to stand in the doorway or even sit for a while in the old country store. You’ll be caught for sure with one foot in the past and one foot into the future. Never again will the wood stove and conversation feel so warm or your visit so special as on your next visit to the “Main Street Country Store”.…excerpts shared from the writings of Country Store, Jim Harrison.

    Photo Credit: Peter Michael